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All about grapes

Why grapes are good for kids:

Grapes are an excellent source of energy for kids because they are rich in natural sugars (glucose and fructose). They are also full of water, carrying, vitamins C and B, as well as plenty of minerals. With their high water and potassium content, grapes help remove toxins from the body through better urine flow, which make them a great ally for our kids' kidneys. 

When and where to find grapes:

Grapes are synonymous with Fall with the prime season spanning from August to November. Different regions produce different varieties of grapes. No surprise, California is one of the main sources of grapes in the United States but other major grape-growing regions include  Washington, Oregon, New York, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

How to choose the best grapes:

For the freshest and juiciest grapes, look for grapes that are firm and plump. The stem should be flexible (not brittle).

Grape ideas: 

- Frozen treat: Pop a few grapes in your freezer for a few hours for a nice frozen treat.

- Savory snack: Serve grapes for happy hours by rolling them into goat cheese and layering some nuts. 

Did you know...

 Salicylate, which is naturally present in grapes, is one of the main chemical components of aspirin. So, if you are allergic to aspirin, ask your doctor how grapes consumption might affect you.

White chocolate grapes

Grapes are a September favorite! And it does not get easier than dipping your green grapes into white chocolate for a yummy snack to carry around. You can make this snack in a matter of minutes. Make the night before school and let it rest overnight. Just add it to your lunch box in the morning for a nice little treat.

File_000 (26).jpeg


  • Grapes
  • White chocolate


Small pan, parchment paper*

Make it:

Melt the white chocolate on low heat for a couple minutes. After rinsing the grapes, just cover them (partially or totally) in white chocolate. Now just let rest in the fridge for a couple of hours or more. Enjoy!


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