April: All about mangoes

1. What makes mangoes special:

Mangoes are full of vitamins A and C,  to boost the immune system and improve vision. They are also rich in fiber, to assist with digestion. Mangoes have a buttery texture and are less acidic than other fruits, which will appeal to most children.

2. When and where to find mangoes:

Mangoes are originally from southern Asia but have been grown in Florida and California for over a century.

3. How to pick mangoes:

Don’t let the color foul you. The red coloring is not an indication of ripeness. Instead, choose a mango that has a slight give when you press it. You can also put your nose to the end and pick the one that has a fruity aroma.

4. Serving tip:

Wash the mango fruit and slice in halves, lengthwise, avoiding the pit. Remove the pit and place the two halves skin down. With a knife, make a crisscross pattern in the flesh and push the mango inside out so you can eat the little squares directly from the skin.