All about apples

October is a great time to go apple picking. Here are a few things to know about apples.


Why encourage kids to eat apples:

Apples are rich in minerals, including boron, which helps maintain energy and strengthen bones. Pectin and other fibers contained in apples, also helps with kids’ digestive system, including regulating bowel movements.

When and where to find the best apples:

Apples are available all year long and are grown in all 50 States but October is the key month for apple-picking in the North-East. Most apples in the United States are grown in Washington, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, California and Virginia.

 How to choose the best apples:

Choosing the best apple is going to depend on what you intend to use it for: snacking, baking, applesauce? In general, pick apples that are firm and avoid the ones with cuts or bruises. Check out RecipeTips’ chart to find the apple variety most suited to your recipe.

 Apple ideas:

Apples can add a nice crunch to a salad, paired with goat cheese. They also make a wonderful snack drizzled with honey or covered in peanut butter. And, of course, let's not forget the famous apple pie.

 Did you know…

You already know that there are lots of different kinds of apples but did you know that you can find thousands of different varieties in the United States alone? Fuji, Gala, Pink Lady, Braeburn, Red Delicious, McIntosh and Granny Smith are among the most popular. What is your favorite?

Carine Rosalia